Thursday, June 30, 2011

Gardens around farm buildings...

Tour #3 of 4 (I think) This is our "back yard" behind 
the house. My kitchen window faces the barns, 
workshop, chicken coop and sheds.
This first photo is the back of the gift shop. 
Same location as I have on my blog header
~yes, things change in two years!!!~

I think the black bear that I saw one Sunday evening
stepped on my daisies while 
meandering through the yard...

 I need to put something behind these chairs...any ideas?
 I got my garden in really late, and purchased the plants 
on the left side. Pumpkins, squash, tomatos and peppers.
On the right I planted cosmos, zinnias, sunflowers,
morning glories and herbs.
It has already filled out since Saturday!
 My little garden shed was formerly a turkey barn. Hubs
built it, used it once and that was enough for him.
So I adopted it! We used barn siding and an old barn 
door. (Not sure where it came from...)

This is Pebbles. She has been with us for 15 years! I 
also call her "Cleocatra" since she thinks I should wait 
on her and she always takes the best seat in the porch!
Have a blessed 
4th of July weekend!!!!


  1. your pictures are beautiful. my suggestion for behind those chairs is a nice old door, you could hang a wreath on it and it would feel cozy, or hinge two together for sort of a wall of old doors... (I love old doors)
    but anyway, your gardens are beautiful, thanks for sharing.

  2. Beautiful gardens! Great pictures! Maybe an old gate, or a flat half of an old ladder hanging on the wall, decorated with a wreath, flowers, signs etc. Happy 4th! God bless!

  3. More great pictures!! I absolutely love, love your home! I sent your blog address to my sister who is a fellow gardener, but up in Alaska! (

    Let's see...ideas for behind the two chairs. How about a trellis with a flowering vine? Or, a "fake" window with a flower box? (You know, put up a weathered window frame).

    Have a wonderful 4th of July!!

    Blessing, Joan

  4. You all have such great ideas!!! How will I pick? We just had some huge wind blow through tonight, but all is still standing, praise the LORD! :)



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