Wednesday, June 15, 2011


 A trio of COLORFUL
 red, white and blue stars 
for you to add to a wreath 
on a package/ gift. 
I have them hanging on a twig tree. 
 How about this copper electric LIGHT 
with a few stars to fill the dish.
You could add potpourri for
How awesome is this little reminder to 
keep on in the hallway
for when you tuck 'em in at night... 
 Have you seen these in the magazines? 
It is called a pastry cloche.
You can hide your food under it when 
you are hostessing outdoor dinners...
or you can hide your little paperback book
 underneath near where you sunbathe! 
(and if you are like me, your reading glasses)
 When you have guests over this summer, 
here are cute heavy duty
COLORFUL  napkins to surprise and delight!
 A Shelf with two drawers and a towel/quilt bar.
A wonderful addition to your bath or kitchen...It would 
look great in your back-door entryway too!
 Just in: dish towels, red ticking stripe 
just like grandma's pillows!!!
Or...a creamy white towel surrounded by black stripes. 
 I love these check placemats! Runners available also.
The hint of cinnamon fragrance from the candle is soft,
and the stars around the outside add so much!
 I'm extra fond of grandma gave me a stuffed
panda when I was little and I caught my love then...
 You can choose from several of the smaller sizes of the
framed prints. Reminiscent of days of old in the country!

 These photos are a bit blurry, 
they are two new electric wax melters
that give both LIGHT & FRAGRANCE!
The 1803 soy wax melts are 
wonderfully fragrant for in the melters.

 Flag folk me...on snowfence pieces. :)
 I tend to pick up little funny expressions. I like when people
come in the shop and get a little chuckle. You may want to 
put one in your porch for fun conversation!
 These covered dishes were wonderful w/ eggs in the spring!
Now I added potpourri, and it will be mini pumpkins/gourds 
in the fall, and ornaments or candy for Christmas.
Could be candy all year...if you dare! 
 A strand of lights rolled in cinnamon give a warm glow.
How about in a enamelware or a tin pan in your porch 
with some angelhair vine and flowers?
In the evening you could burn a candle and have the
lights glowing and soft music in the background.

 This little cabinet would look good in so many locations
and function to hide [you name it!]
 Wood Sunflower could hang on your garden shed, 
fencebehind the perennial bed, 
or in your house. 
If you haven't tried the Black Crow candles, you should for 
the FRAGRANCE is wonderful!!

Bittersweet Farm is open 
Wednesday through Saturday.
Wed, Fri, Sat 10-4
Thursday 12-6

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