Friday, September 30, 2011

A Little on Bittersweet

When I gazed up at the windmill in August, 
I was a bit concerned that the
Bittersweet didn't seem 
as prolific as other years...
So when I saw a post about some for sale on eBay, 
I decided it would be fun to order it 
from another part of the country to see
the difference. 
I have done some research over the years since I 
opened the shop and have had 
so many people ask me about Bittersweet.
Initially all I knew was
I loved it!
So I know a few things now. 
Like there are many varieties.
Out East (My order came from Maine) Bittersweet 
is very different from our Midwest Bittersweet. 
In the photos below you can see that the clusters of 
my Wisconsin Bittersweet (not yet popped open) 
in front are MUCH larger and fuller.
Below is mine on the right and Maine's on the left.

Here are links to a few posts using Bittersweet to decorate:
{Kath has a beautiful home and her  photos are superb!}
{wound into a wreath}
{Linda tucks it all around and makes her house look lovely!}
Here are a few more photos from Bittersweet Farm:

 Plenty of Bittersweet for you!!!
Fall on the Farm shopping hours:
Wednesday 10-4
Thursday 12-6
Friday 10-4
Saturday 10-4

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Harvest Fest HERE This Weekend!!!

It is our annual 
at the Bittersweet Farm this week AND 
~My daughter Kayla will be here with her photography, 
and some framed prints.
~Justina with PRIMITIVELY 
will be here with her primitive hand-mades.
~Justina's mom will be here with her purses 
and wool mittens. 
(I have seen them and they are wonderfully unique!)

Inside the shop you will find the glow of flickering lights, 
the fragrance of apple cider and pumpkin spices, 
coffee brewing on the porch,
I climbed the windmill today and found plenty!
NEW BRAID RUGS in Harvest colors
(including place mats, chair pads, and trivets)
Lighted branches or rice lights to add to your
own branches...and SO much more!!!!
It is promising to be a LOVELY weekend
I didn't think I had much, but when I got up there, 
I found bundles!!!
I ordered some bittersweet from Maine this year off 
of eBay (in back) and mine is in front.
They are so different!!!
Mine have larger berries in clusters, 
theirs have berries individually along the vine.
Come check it out! :) 
Pumpkins from a very sweet friend. 
My porch.
 Bundles of branches add texture 
and color to your fall displays...
Straw pumpkins, metal pumpkins, milk cans, 
bird houses... 
This is an AWESOME new concept! 
There are twinkling lights inside...
a WONDERful way to welcome guests to
the porch! 
Hope to see you on the farm!
Wednesday 10-4
Thursday 12-6
Friday 10-4
Saturday 10-4

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Last Year's Fall Fotos

I really DO know how to spell "Photos"....
Just getting your attention. *smile*
I got my fall fun-decorating-items 
out for in my house tonight 
{wee hours of the morning 
where I function well sometimes!}
Then. I went to look at last year 
to see what I did
and what I did
I always seem to be so confused 
when I take my stuff out!
Where did I use this last year??
I guess I have a 
slightly short memory 
{on some things!}

I DO have too much on the fridge...
but what is a girl to do
when she comes from such a large family?
My kitchen "baking hutch" {all my baking things
are in the bottom!}
The bittersweet is not in yet this year. 
Last year was a BUMPER crop. 
This year. Not so much.
I can't see very much up there. 
I will climb though. 
The windmill. :)

I still do not have any pumpkins....
but after tonight's frost, 
I may be able to bring up 
bushels of gourds.
THEY grew like CrAzY this year!!
Please excuse my messy patio door. 
It's the cat's fault.
She really should 
wash her paws before she paws at it...

More baking hutch...

Okay. This was just for fun! 
Remember this week is our 
Anniversary Celebration! 
The coffee is on 
{and it IS yummy if I do say so myself!}
...I have a little chocolate for you, 
and other treats too!

Two give-away drawings 
will take place on Saturday. 
{refer to previous post}

Friday, September 9, 2011

7th Anniversary Celebration Next Week!

Hello Bittersweet Farm Friends!!! 
I have a fun little story to start, and then some 
Bittersweet Farm News for next week! 
In search of a recipe for an autumn dessert for our Bible Study on Tuesday, I pulled out one of my Gooseberry Patch cookbooks: Fall Friends and Family and went to the last chapter "Autumn Treats". After browsing them, I decided on the recipe for Pumpkin Pie Cake on page 200. If you are not familiar with their cookbooks {I LOVE THEM!} the recipes are submitted by their readers. For whatever reason, I looked to see where this recipe was from. To my surprise and delight, it was submitted by a friend I met blogging (really!) who happens to live in our area, and we have connected over coffee. {Hi Kim!}

This is what the cookbook says about the pie/cake: "The best tasting dessert...forget about having any left over!" ~They were right!~ and even more delightful when served with REAL {out of the can} whip cream. 

One interesting note: The recipe calls for an 18.5 oz pkg. yellow cake mix. They have reduced the size of the mixes to 12.5 oz. so I had to buy two. I don't buy cake mixes very often, so I am not sure when that happened, but I was glad I noticed!

~Now for SHOP NEWS~

The shop is full of fall now! 
Bittersweet Farm's 7th Anniversary celebration is next week! 
I opened the shop on the same weekend as 
our local Amery Fall Festival. {2004}
I am amazed at how quickly the years have gone and 
how BLESSED I am to have such a fun business 
right at home!!! 

I am so thankful for all of YOU who have come out to the farm and made my business a 7 year success! I'm looking forward to many more!!! 

In celebration of my Anniversary I will be having drawing for TWO give-aways* September 14-17

1. A lighted twig branch, indoor/outdoor use and wonderful when added to berry picks, fall floral, or evergreens at Christmas! A $26.00 value!! 
2. A crow on a stick! Poke him into your mums, 
into a straw bale, tie him to your corn stalks 
or poke him  right into the ground! 

*You must come into the shop during business 
hours next week to get entered into the drawing.
 I will contact you if you win!

Shop Hours:
Wednesday 10-4
Thursday 12-6
Friday 10-4
Saturday 10-4

Monday, September 5, 2011


Don't we all love fall?!?

 The jar holds a battery tea light or a regular tea light and gives a warm
candy-corn kind of glow...
 I've got some great fall towels, candles, lighted twigs,
plant pokes, floral picks, battery tapers and potpourri

 Check out this twig basket hanging by a rope:
Berry picks, rusty stars, and two wool sunflowers to fill it!
 Plenty of autumn 1803 wax melts...
to make your home spicy-harvest fragrant!
 Don't forget we carry valances, tiers, fishtail swags, shower curtains,
aprons, throws and can order them in a large variety of colors!
 Always popular: Farmhouse Naturals room mists from
Briar Patch Primitives...
I have a few new fragrances in!
 My little selection of books and music from 
by two very special friends.
Author, Speaker, Radio Host Susie Larson's books, 
and Tammy Yates' absolutely lovely piano music...
Susie interviewed Kare 11 News Anchor, Julie Nelson recently.
To hear how Susie's book "Growing Grateful Kids" impacted
Julie, listen here!
Don't miss our cupboards, tables, and wall boxes...
If you LOVE wool runners and candle mats,
 look at these
embellished with pumpkins and leaves...
There's plenty of home-accents here, 
soft electric-candle
light, magnetic "fun" signs, 
paper-mache pumpkins & more!
Is this clever? A thermostat-cover shelf
with a little door to cover, but still access it!!!
Lamps by Park Designs are very fine!
It really IS fall...look forward to our 
7th Anniversary Celebration Open House
September 14-17 
Same week as our local Fall Festival!!!
I hope you will stop out for a visit,
a sip of cider and treats.
More info to come.......


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