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Garden Tour!!! June 25th!

...Bittersweet Farm...
Will be part of a six-garden tour in Amery, WI on Saturday, June 25th. 12-5pm.

The cost will be $10.00 to tour the gardens. All the proceeds will go to two different missions. I wanted to post stories of them here on the blog so you will understand where your donation will be going. 

Chad Carlson is a man who grew up here and the Lord lead him to Kenya, Africa where he brings life-necessities like learning and aid along with the Gospel (good news of Jesus' love). We will be supporting an orphanage there with the garden tour. 

From Chad:
Records held by relevant authorities reveal that the children have been rescued from extremely harsh and diverse backgrounds. Some were born and left in maternity-wings as their mothers walked out on them. Others were born and left to die along sidewalks in plastic bags. Worse still, some were left in strange places, like along riverbanks and in pit-latrines (outdoor bathrooms). Still others were dumped into forest thickets and garden fields, where they were left to starve and succumb to death due to the grimly isolated locations. 

0992A specific story that shocked the whole city was that of Baby Cherub (picture at right), who was dumped in the bushes of Dagoretti Corner within the city limits of Nairobi. Amazingly, God in His immeasurable grace used a dog to rescue the baby who was rushed to a national hospital where she was left under the care of doctors and nurses. Eventually, Baby Cherub was released from the hospital in good health and placed in the care of the orphanage.

I hope you can come out on June 25th to view the gardens, receive coupons for local businesses and bless the babies in Kenya!

Here is the basic info:
Open Hand Children's Home (OHCH) Kenya is a non-profit organization, which is founded and operates on Christian values and principles. OHCH was registered in 2003 as a Community-based Organization with the mission of rescuing newborn infants which have been abandoned and left to die. So far, OHCH have rescued forty-one (41) from infants and children from different settings and very deplorable circumstances.
OHCH has four main objectives:

  • These are destitute children coming from a very sad background. Therefore, meeting their basic needs is our priority: housing, food, clothing, health-care, education and counselling – so that they may experience the tangible love of Christ and a sense of stability in life.
  • Nurturing the children to full maturity: physically, emotionally, spiritually, socially, and mentally. There is an emphasis on Biblical discipleship and Christian nurture throughout their time at OHCH. 
  • In Liaison with the Childrens Department of the Government of Kenya, we facilitate legal adoptions, foster parenting, personal sponsorships, and above all, we re-unite these children with their extended families [where possible] while ensuring that their welfare is not compromised.
  • We also are very intent on the alleviation of poverty and hopelessness in the lives of these children.
Indeed, these children have gone through some dehumanizing experiences, and it is for this reason that we are doing what it takes, to give them a second chance with the focus of providing a favorable, Christian environment for their overall development. Our greatest hope is to witness their lives being transformed by the grace of God through the loving service of His people. ~Chad Carlson
Please join us for the tour! For more info or questions contact me at:

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