Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New Hours @ the Shop

Starting today, my hours will be Wednesday, Friday, Saturday...10-4 and Thursday from 12-6 Changing my hours means I have to change my roadside sign. That is what I will be working on during my free time over the next few days, weather permitting.
Here are a few new photos from the shop...browse and email me if you have any questions @

Friday, May 22, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

With the wedding coming, I have been looking outside of the "box" when I go to the gift shows. It has been fun to go into showrooms that I don't normally visit. So you will see a few things that seem a bit different from my usual merchandise.
The easel above is one of them. Isn't it a great piece? Kayla wants to have a few around with photos or signs. We have not decided yet. We bought a large standing one, like you would use in a gallery. She is going to copy my sister-in-law and have everyone sign the matt in a frame for her wedding photo.We have been getting great ideas from other weddings and wedding planners.
The easel is only $15.00! The pitcher next to it is $20.00 ~a quart jar would sit inside for fresh flowers, or you could fill it with faux flowers like I did here.
This week has been intense gardening and flower purchasing for me. I have been digging and watering every day! I am excited to get alot of things done that I have wanted to do for years...what is it about event planning that produces "extra effort" ?
So far, we have cleared old dead trees that have been laying around for the past 8 years (since the week we moved in when we had a storm). We removed sod from areas that I usually have to get the push mower go go through, I am planting flowers in every area that I cant drive the riding lawn mower through. We have a scummy pond that has been surrounded by weeds. We burned the edges, and filled in around w/ rock. We still are not sure what we will do with it, it may be bone dry if the weather keeps up like this. Pray for rain!
Any advice on ponds would be appreciated too!
It is time to be open four days a week again. This year, I am trying something different though, so please take note of my new hours.
THURSDAY....I will be open 12-6 (to accomodate late shoppers &
give myself an errand morning. I figured I would need that with the wedding plans.
Have a wonderful weekend...ENJOY!
And to any veterans, I say THANK YOU FOR SERVING OUR COUNTRY!
And for anyone who has a relative serving, I say THANK YOU FOR YOUR SACRIFICE!
And to anyone who lost someone to service to our country, I say THANK YOU.
May the Lord richly bless you!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I Won Again

Thank you, Karen @ My Colonial Home for picking my name for your give~away! I was so excited to get hand-made in the USA candle hugger, four coasters, and a pocket w/ a
pineapple filled with sweet-smelling sweet annie, and holding a primitive candle...
Aren't they fun? I love the green too, it fits well with my other primitive colors!
Check out her blog, she has alot of wonderful items!

Friday, May 15, 2009

My Life Lately

Kayla and Andrew...Wedding Sept 4th
This is their official engagement photo. Kayla and Andrew spent three hours with their photographer doing engagement pics. She said she had a really good time with them. She likes to give them the session to get to know them before the big day. I think we have a very wise photographer! Anything to reduce stress is wonderful for the mother of the bride!! So, they had the option of purchasing the disc, which they did, and can do anything they want with the photos.
They officially have a home now too. So life is moving swiftly for us here...
It has been crazy~busy & with much going on, I have been scarce in blogworld. On top of the yard work that we are doing to get ready for the wedding here on the farm, I have been spending time with people, on the phone, and in prayer. I have been privileged to lift friends up in prayer and encourage them. I find great joy in that.
A dear friend's daughter (age 19) was just diagnosed w/ Lymphoma and has started Chemo Therapy. Another friend's daughter has been diagnosed with Cushing's disease. They are going through testing. She herself ended up with high blood pressure/migraines and in the clinic for tests. Another friend has a son in middle school who's legs were growing crooked, so they had to break them both and screw plates in them. He is not to put weight on them for over two weeks. That makes for alot of work for them. Another friend has had her 6 week old baby in the hospital for a few weeks. He had heart surgery, and then a lung collapsed. I think they are coming home soon though. Trials litter life, but God is good and faithful in the midst of them!
I love that in all these things, we are more than conquerers through Him who loves us. What would we do without Jesus? I tell you, He has been so active in all these circumstances, it is sweet being a part of the family of God. But I didn't have to tell you that, did I?
Here is Ethan and his friend Stephanie:
A few weeks ago, prom was his first "date"~ever :D (That is me smiling!). He is (to his mama's delight) a young man that treads cautiously. This beauty attends our youth group, and is from a different school. They are out for the first time tonight. With Kayla and Andrew (chaperones~ha ha!) After the kids having just gone through the purity and Biblical dating unit @ youth group, I am feeling pretty confident that they are well equipped to make wise choices. Dinner and that boy needs a job!! That is my life lately... Trust in Him at all times; ye people, pour out your heart before Him; God is a refuge for us. Psalm 62:8

Friday, May 1, 2009

Mother's Day a week away!

Birds are one of the few new trends I have seen in my outings...I picked up a few. Isn''t he cute? He is resin and quite large. Looking good by this birdfeeder, isn't he? $18. New!! A wall dispenser for reed diffusers! Isn't it classy? $15.
Any mom would love these wool daisies to add to a bundle of twigs & berries!
One daisy...$5.50
I received several new candle matts...very nicely done. I ordered a few framed aplique' stitcheries also, but this one is the only one that came in this order. It is one of my favorites!
framed beehive aplique...$14.
candle matts...$15
There is a larger size in the bird one...$21


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