Friday, October 23, 2009


Photo from last year...Christmas in the front...fall in the back ;)
Yes siree, that is what we are having in Western Wisconsin...snow with a backdrop of amber, rust, and orange's lovely. As long as you are inside!!! Surely the weather has put a damper (pardon the pun) on our autumn enjoyment...and I am still hoping/holding out for a little bit of warm, sunny weather.
In the little gift shop on the farm, all the fall merchandise is on sale. This week it is 20% week (Oct 28-31) it is all 40% off. On November 2nd I will be transforming the shop into "winter wonderland"...CHRISTMAS OPEN HOUSE IS NOVEMBER 4-7. I know this seems late, but with Halloween on the Saturday before, I just couldn't bring myself to have a Christmas celebration on Halloween...
So plan on coming for a visit in the coming weeks. And if you cannot get here before those dates, maybe you can come for a visit on our 6th annual "Doe on the Go" girlfriend's weekend!!!! Bring a girlfriend or two, and all recieve 2 bucks off any purchase $10. or more! This is a fun weekend with lots going on all around the area...You can get your outdoor decorating boughs, and rosehips, as well as your indoor garlands, fragrances, and tree trimming pretties!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Autumn Treasures...

The colors of fall are beginning to peak here in western Wisconsin...unfortunately we have had some seriously early cold weather, and rain (though we are thankful for the rain!)...the cloudy rainy days keep us from enjoying this wonderful season as fully as we like...
So why not enjoy it inside! Turn on the fireplace or furnace(as if you haven't already!), put a few pumpkins, autumn flowers and reminders of the season (that you found on your trip to Bittersweet Farm) up around the house, and sip some cider or coffee...gaze out the window at your falling leaves of orange, yellow and red, put on some music, invite friends and family to join you and laugh!
In the meantime...look at some of the autumn treasures you will find in the shop!


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