Friday, May 27, 2011

My Country Gardens

This is a busy time of year! I forget how 
much work it is in the spring.
I love it though, especially if we have 

I generally browse my garden photos in the 
beginning of the planting season. 
Since I like to look at other's too,  
I decided to share a few with you!
 My garden shed. Dale built it as a Turkey house. 
We used it once for turkeys...that was enough for us!
 The fence is from the side of a corn crib that 
Dale's mom tore down from their old farm.
 An angel in the bee balm. :)
 My garden in 2008
 This is a potato planter nestled in the wild flower garden.

 This was taken at my friend Becky's house. 
I LOVE black-eyed Susans, old birdhouses and milk cans!
 It may become obvious that this is a favorite color combo.
My friends Matt and Penny made this birdhouse stake. 
 A birdhouse on a spindle hiding in the Susans...made by us.
The chicken coop...I started it new in 2009. 
Where the chickens used to run, so things grew VERY well!!
 In the background, you can see the sign for Bittersweet Farm.

 My garden in 2009

 Pink, blue, white and yellow mingled w/ green. Love it!

 South-facing warm spot on chilly days....The shop blocks
the wind so we like to sit here in the evenings.

 A view from behind the garden shed, looking toward the barn.

 This is the back side of the gift shop.  :)
 My Mother's Day bench from Picket Fence Gals. 
My favorite summer place to sit ...and have a mocha frapp. 
 I like to stop and read my mail 
here on the way into the house. 
If you have a post with garden photos, 
share your link with me in the comment box. 
I would love to see your gardens!!!
It would be fun to have a post with several links 
so they are accessible through one click. 
If I get enough, 
I will put them on here!
Click Here for another garden!

Happy Memorial Day weekend! 
Thank you service men and women 
for giving to our liberty!

Next week (starting 6/1) 
Bittersweet Farm is 
open four-days a week:
*Thursday 12-6

Friday, May 13, 2011

What's New?

Happy rainy season from Wisconsin.
Wait! Do we have a rainy season?
It is still so chilly... and the leaves
are slow in coming, but they are
starting to make their appearance.
I am enjoying the 
daffodils and tulips here on the farm!
Bittersweet Farm is open 
Friday and Saturday
Summer merchandise is arriving!!!
Just in: 
New braided runners, coasters and wool candle mats!
Also these tealight lanterns. Wouldn't they be awesome on your
porch on summer evenings? 

 I have two sizes of framed photo prints.
Some have sentiments like the one above by Mother Theresa,
others are simply beautiful photos.
 Isn't this a great wall-cabinet?

 I think this would be awesome in your entryway with a
battery candle in it for welcoming your guests in the evening!
 Available words w/ flower: Relax*Dream*Friends

For those of you waiting for1803 wax melts 
They are in too! 
  • Olde Dough Bowl
  • Seasons
  • Pilgrims Harvest
  • Weathered Crow
  • Village Mercantile
  • Dandelion Wine
  • Cabin on the Hill
We have flowers and birdhouses for on
your arrows also! Come check it out!
Friday 10-5
Saturday 10-4


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