Thursday, April 23, 2009


New arrivals @ Bittersweet Farm!!
Today I opened a box of wood flowers. I now have two
sizes! These are the smaller ones @ $7.50.
They look great in any springy display. I have a few
out on my porch with birdhouses.
The notepad in the front is new too! It is a great purse
notebook, complete with pencil and hard cover to
keep the pages from getting wrinkled.
What better than a practical pretty for $6. ?
On the right is the fridge~mate. It is a magnet
phone number holder. The top is magnetic also,
so when you open it up, it stays up!
Very heavy duty...$7.50
Country Blessings of flowers
and sunshine to you!

Tour a Little Bedroom

My promised house tour has been sparse. I apologize. I had no idea life would get so busy with planning a wedding. I have neglected my blog. Instead of taking new photos, I am posting a few from Christmas again. This is of my bedroom. (please pardon the "lived-in" look, I didn't spruce it up for the photo!) It is a very small room. When we added on, we thought we would take this room while the kids are still home and move upstairs when they leave. We have enjoyed the 8' patio door overlooking the farm. I love waking up and watching snow, or the birds in the tree outside of the window. Since we intend to use the room for a porch, we didn't put a closet in, so Dale built this armoir for our clothes...Needless to say, we change for the seasons and use the new walk-in closet upstairs for "out of season" items. Next to the armoir, on the right, is my "closet". It is a cabinet from (the old) upstairs that Dale modified, and I painted black and distressed. It has shelves for my jeans and tops in the top, and socks, etc in the bottom. When I picked the color for the lower portion of the wall it seemed to go well w/ the border, but after we put up the chair rail...not liking it so much. I decided to wait and find some wallpaper. So there is a mini tour. I do intend to get more photos. For now, though, I have much yard work to do!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


We interrupt the regularly scheduled (life) due to husband being laid off...among other interruptions.
Sorry for the long delay in posting. Life has gotten a little out of control. Dale has a week lay-off and has been getting things done around the house.
YES! That means more "home-tour" photos ahead...
With Easter this weekend, I wanted to offer my email customers a special...
If you stop & shop this weekend you will recieve 20% off spring merchandise.
There is still plenty of floral and baskets, a few bunnies, and other things.
Friday & Saturday...April 10, 11...20% off spring!!


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