Friday, February 25, 2011

Some Spring Thing(s)

Though it was FOUR DEGREES outside this morning...WE KNOW SPRING is on the way.
Really. It DOES come every year. Remembering this helps me.
As Target and Walmart have their Easter things out
The last Sunday in April actually.
I am gradually getting things out in the shop.
Here is a sampling.
(and just one bragging photo of my four month old grandson Bennett)

 speckled eggs. chicks.
 chick ornament.
 bunny ornament.
 a tree.
 candle matt with blackbird. tree in a pot with blackbird ornaments.
lights. stitched pillow ornaments.
 dish towel. candle pan w/ potpourri. three candles.
 posies on a candle matt.
 sentimental box w/ hinged lid. black inside.
 penny posies on a towel.
 wood wall box. peg on top. garland wound inside and a pear.
 tons of new framed prints. two different sizes.
Bittersweet Farm
Friday 10-5
Saturday 10-4
Will be closed the first weekend in March
then back to regular hours.

Friday, February 4, 2011

The Buzz on Valentines and Beyond!

Here are the hearts I mentioned that
you could plunk in the snowbank
by the mailbox to make the mail carrier smile...
Or you could plunk them in any drift near
the walkway to say a little "I LOVE YOU"
to your friends and family!
...or large!
Meaningful sayings in the home are good reminders...

 I have a thing for vintage bears, especially pandas! :)
 They call this a "cantback" cupboard.
Would easily fit in many places.
 Storage in the bottom.
 This cabinet would be a wonderful storage
addition to any room in the house!
Think: linens, bath items, cds and dvds...
or keep doors open for display!

 A new sage green sofa table
 Heart mold with candle inside is LOVELY
when the light shines through the heart!
 Wool tulips...vintage hearts
A large variety of "expressions" magnets...
 New, easy-priced jewelry. Necklace/earring sets or bracelets.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snowfall and Flowers

As much of our country is being swept over, even lashed by winter storms, it's a bit quieter here in the North land. We only had a couple of inches. Yesterday. Of course it fell on top of about 60 inches (I think that is our local number).

I saw a man walk across the street in a little WI town yesterday, and opened a mailbox door on the front of a snowbank. The box was totally buried in snow. Mail. Delivered to a snowbank in WI. I wonder if the mailman has memorized the addresses that are surely buried on the sides of the boxes...

And what was delivered to Bittersweet Farm yesterday? Flowers! As I opened boxes today and unwrapped the promise of spring...not only flowers, but eggs, rabbits, birds & sheep! I discovered within my heart a refreshing sense of anticipation! For spring, warm weather, and brighter colors after the deep muted greens and reds of winter. As much as I love them, it is nice to pack away and "lighten" up my home!

So expect to see some flowers in the coming days, and remember we have a variety of hearts for  your Valentine's Day display...Even a few new metal heart cut-outs for plunking in the snowbank...maybe you could add one by the mailbox and give the deliverer a smile. :)


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