Thursday, June 24, 2010

Flowers Are In

They are finally here! All the flowers that were on back order finally came in today! The Shelf-sitting words are "Relax" in burgudy w/ flower, "Friends" in burgundy w/ flower and "Family" in black~no flower... for more flower photos click here.

They seem go go well together in a display. Several women have gotten a word and three flowers to display in a bay window or on a shelf. They are great on a windowsill or thick trim as well.

Garlands with flowers are popular also. We are weaving them around a porch post, a wreath, a shelf with a quilt bar or nails underneath or hung over a valance to bring a little summer inside!

These flowers on spindles sold out on day one last time they came in...come check them out! Get one for a friend and give a smile!...

Friday, June 18, 2010

A little "Yard Tour"

I thought it might be fun for you to get a glimpse of my back yard...and a few other areas. Our deck overlooks the barn and our other out buildings. It was the chosen area for the wedding site last summer. I finally (with the help of my "new son") was able to get the deck painted last week. I am so excited!!! It was on my list from LAST summer! But other things took priority.
Welcome to my deck!
This is the former chicken coop. I started the garden last year (we had a fence there before for the chickens. I think the plants REALLY like the soil there!!)
Welcome to my front door. It is not used very often, and is a bit obscure since it faces the road and not the driveway. I love the impatients on the stool!
Here is a photo from the deck. The chicken coop is in the left side of the photo.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Grad Party Highlights

We made it! The last few weeks have been extremely full of planning, preparation and parties! Sometimes in big-event seasons, you have to "shelf" a few things in order to concentrate on the one...
Business, blogging and butt-busting (excercise~lol) are a few of the things that took a back seat to all the hoopla of throwing a party for our graduate, but after today (breathe!) I will be back on track. Here are a
 few highlights from our celebration:

My sister Nancy made the cake (Ethan loves Chevy), and if you know people who feel strongly about which vehicle brand they drive, then you know the "friendly competition" that results from strong opinions (or not so strong, but just a love of opposing the strong!)
This is my "creative moment" idea: Since Ethan is fascinated with all things with a motor...and my kids loved their cozy coup, I thought it would be fun to greet people with him in one! Kayla found this at a garage sale, blew up a photo and laminated it for me.
It was surprising how I had to take a double take of the "scene" when I would catch a glimpse of it out of the corner of my eye...

And finally, a photo of "The Deal"! Congrats Ethan! You did it! Now...On to College!

And I have a couple of new boxes that came in, so off I go to unpack them!
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