Thursday, November 18, 2010


Two days of

Some hunt for bucks
Some save 2 bucks!

Friday and Saturday at Bittersweet Farm

Bring a girlfriend...get TWO BUCKS OFF
your purchase of $10.00 or more!

Snowman made by local artist
"Primitively"~Great addition to your s
nowman collection!

Lighted twigs come in battery
or electric! Indoor/Outdoor

Tea~dyed quilted placemats
 in a variety of Christmas prints!

 New!! Star electric light...
votive jar w/ potpourri

 Christmas fragrance! 1803 melts for
your tart warmers, potpourri reresher oil...
wonderful greenery!

Primitively gingerbread...
complete with recipe
Ready to sit in a pottery bowl
of greens on your stove!

New!!! Tartwarmers for flameless fragrance!!!

Check out this new lantern lamp!
Also the electric snowman candle...

Remember to keep the main thing
 the main thing this Christmas!
Merry Christmas
Happy Birthday Jesus!

Battery tapers...wonderful flickering
glow with two "AA" batteries.

 Another frosty
creation by Primitively!

 Stacking snowman boxes...hogscraper candle rice lights

Monday, November 15, 2010

On The Other Side

It is a relief to be on the other side of the auction activity as well as have the shop transformation to Christmas complete!

Our house didn't sell, and "the knowing" is a relief as well. We are comfortable waiting for the right offer to come along. Not being desperate to sell is a good thing. And as things go with people who trust God, a snow plow offer "just showed up" on the day the skidsteer was leaving the driveway...AND (can you believe it?) snow happened the very next day!

So I will have a reliable person to take care of the driveway if Dale isn't home when it snows...Woo Hoo!!! My main winter concern~taken care of by a God-sent person in my shop at just the right time!
Now onto the IMPORTANT things...

***Coming Up This Weekend***
6th anual "Doe on the Go"
Man goes hunting for bucks...
Ladies go save some bucks...

Friday and Saturday 10-4...
come out to the farm with a girlfriend or two
and all receive TWO BUCKS off
your purchase of $10.00 or more!!!

You will find:
Garlands, lighted twigs, candles, melters and melts
in some of the
best fragrances for Christmas I have ever had!
Quilted placemats, runners, and Christmas towels!
Boughs and berries fresh for your door or crock!
And a whole lot more!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Status Update

Hello Bittersweet Farm Fans!

Time for a quick update...

In case you haven't noticed by now, we are going through some stuff. Yes. Our stuff, and some stuff.
Our auction is taking place online for another week. Ending on Thursday, November 11th at 7:00pm, or soon thereafter if bidding keeps going...If you want to check it out: (There are two categories, personal property and real estate under the title "Bittersweet Farm".)

Christmas on the Farm began this week and will run through Christmas. Specific dates to follow. I will keep you posted on the status of the shop. Keep checking back for new merchandise. I just had another box arrive tonight!
As of now, we have no idea what is on the other side of the auction. We do not have to take offers on our real estate if we don't want to. So it is uncertain if we will get a bid that meets our requirements. If we do end up selling, we will be staying in this general area and are unsure of how we will continue to run the gift shop, but will keep you posted via email and the blog.
In the meantime, I hope to see you at the shop!!! Coffee is on tomorrow 10-4. Christmas scents, sounds, and scenery abound! (minus the snow!) I even have fresh boughs and rosehips for sale...!


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