Friday, September 30, 2011

A Little on Bittersweet

When I gazed up at the windmill in August, 
I was a bit concerned that the
Bittersweet didn't seem 
as prolific as other years...
So when I saw a post about some for sale on eBay, 
I decided it would be fun to order it 
from another part of the country to see
the difference. 
I have done some research over the years since I 
opened the shop and have had 
so many people ask me about Bittersweet.
Initially all I knew was
I loved it!
So I know a few things now. 
Like there are many varieties.
Out East (My order came from Maine) Bittersweet 
is very different from our Midwest Bittersweet. 
In the photos below you can see that the clusters of 
my Wisconsin Bittersweet (not yet popped open) 
in front are MUCH larger and fuller.
Below is mine on the right and Maine's on the left.

Here are links to a few posts using Bittersweet to decorate:
{Kath has a beautiful home and her  photos are superb!}
{wound into a wreath}
{Linda tucks it all around and makes her house look lovely!}
Here are a few more photos from Bittersweet Farm:

 Plenty of Bittersweet for you!!!
Fall on the Farm shopping hours:
Wednesday 10-4
Thursday 12-6
Friday 10-4
Saturday 10-4


  1. Beautiful displays of bittersweet~ your bittersweet is huge~ so pretty!!
    have a good weekend~

  2. BEAUTIFUL KATHY.....your property is just heavenly and so serene. this! Last year I had tons of it and I mean Tons! But we noticed our kitty got the sneezes and sneezed all through the time it was in the house...and bad too! So this year only 3 sprigs of it! And she has only sneezed a few time. So we can't enjoy the beauty of this gorgeous berry so I will enjoy it from your blog! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Every year I have a place where there is tons of bittersweet. We had a drought this last year and so when I went to see if there was any............there was nothing. Glad you could find some. I still have a huge wreath with will do until next year! Thanks for all the adorable ways to do something with it. Ours are not that big either, but I like it.

    Blessings and so nice to stop by.



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