Thursday, September 15, 2011

Last Year's Fall Fotos

I really DO know how to spell "Photos"....
Just getting your attention. *smile*
I got my fall fun-decorating-items 
out for in my house tonight 
{wee hours of the morning 
where I function well sometimes!}
Then. I went to look at last year 
to see what I did
and what I did
I always seem to be so confused 
when I take my stuff out!
Where did I use this last year??
I guess I have a 
slightly short memory 
{on some things!}

I DO have too much on the fridge...
but what is a girl to do
when she comes from such a large family?
My kitchen "baking hutch" {all my baking things
are in the bottom!}
The bittersweet is not in yet this year. 
Last year was a BUMPER crop. 
This year. Not so much.
I can't see very much up there. 
I will climb though. 
The windmill. :)

I still do not have any pumpkins....
but after tonight's frost, 
I may be able to bring up 
bushels of gourds.
THEY grew like CrAzY this year!!
Please excuse my messy patio door. 
It's the cat's fault.
She really should 
wash her paws before she paws at it...

More baking hutch...

Okay. This was just for fun! 
Remember this week is our 
Anniversary Celebration! 
The coffee is on 
{and it IS yummy if I do say so myself!}
...I have a little chocolate for you, 
and other treats too!

Two give-away drawings 
will take place on Saturday. 
{refer to previous post}


  1. Hi Kathy - fun post. I love looking at your Fall decorations.
    You know I was putting out my Fall this past weekend and I said to Doug - "I'm not sure where this goes, can't remember where I put it last year"....but you know what?
    I put things in totally different places this year because I couldn't remember and didn't look at my pictures...AND I LIKE IT EVEN BETTER this year. So change is GOOD.


  2. Hi Kathy
    What a beautiful home you have.. everything
    looks sooo fallish.... thanks for sharing

    Warm Fall Blessing
    hugs.. Ladybug



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