Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Dining Room Wallpaper

Karen asked me to post a close-up of my wall paper in the dining room. Actually there is a story that goes along with my wallpaper. The room is so small, and the walls were...dull. I didn't want to go dark w/ paint, but wanted to do something different. So~ BEFORE CHIRSTMAS, ahem, (why would I do this before Christmas? The busiest time of the year for all girls, but mostly shopgirls!) Anyway...
I purchased the four rolls I thought it would take because I had SO many doorways and a window...NOT THINKING....about pattern repeat, cutting inches off ends...Soon after I started I realized I would be short. I had to leave the job sit for a little over a week-THAT WAS HARD!
Then I worried over if the color (dye lots) would match.
To my great delight, it did match, and I was able to finish it. The second order I ordered "too much" because I didn't want to leave my room a mess any longer, and it turns out I needed almost all of it!! Oh when will I learn that sometimes it isn't the best to be conservative (in certain situations!)
Gotta go unpack BOXES AND BOXES of new candles...Replenished my supply
of Cheerful Giver and 1803 Soy lines...many new fragrances~Can't wait!!


  1. Kathy~That is gorgeous wallpaper!
    I always had a hard time figuring out how much paper is needed too...Math and measuring are not my strong qualities!
    So, I no longer paper! But I do tend to short myself on paint...go figure!

  2. I looked at that exact wallpaper for my kitchen last fall. But I am getting new counter tops and I was afraid it wouldn't looks great. Dianntha



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