Friday, March 27, 2009

Country Store and a Whole Lot More!!

I just restocked my candle supply. I am clearancing out my McCalls Candle line. It just hasn't been as popular as the Cheerful Giver line. So...these are the babies...I also have candle cups and a few of the two larger sizes left.
The very popular, and I will testify~effective!! reed diffusers from Crossroads.
If you have not tried these yet, you should! They fill the room w/ fragrance and last for at least 3 months. The boxed ones come with the rusty/removable star, the collar and the reeds. $20.
The refills are just the bottle and new reeds. $16.50.
The black metal holder (wonderful for stylin' and preventing spills) $12.

CHEERFUL GIVER...VERY FRAGRANT...VERY POPULAR! I ordered a new fragrance..."Beary Nice Spice"~ You'll love it! It is the one on the upper left~a warm, teddy-bear brown color. Restocked my 1803 line too! 8 fragrances~all wonderful! I have a hard time deciding what to order because she has such amazing fragrances. If you haven't tried this candle~it is very fragrant and clean-burning. $18. each. Isn't this a beautiful print? New treenware arrived! These are reproduction "wood" primitive bowls made of resin. They look like the real thing, and are made in USA! These are egg bowls. Wonderful for Easter to hold your colored eggs! Also great with angel hair vine and dried botanicals on a table with a runner underneath! Isn't this great? It is a treenware framed mirror. Several different styles that came in.


  1. Good afternooon Kathy - I sure wish candles sold for me because this is a wonderful price....but they just don't sell and I don't know why. Possibly because for me being a website, people want to 'sniff' the scent before buying.

    I had have never seen the resin mirrors before - how very pretty.

    I need to get your location because sometime when Doug and I head out on a drive we'll stop in your shop and hopefully meet you!

    Hugs, Karen

  2. Kathy~
    Your stuff is amazing! I have never tried the McCall's candles, yet I have heard wonderful things about the campfire marshmallow scent!
    I have tried the Keeper of the Light candles, and they are definately my favorite!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. changed your 'header' - no more little bees and honey :o)

    If I lived nearby I'd be in your store all the time. Fun to take a peek and see all your treasures.

    Enjoy your weekend,
    Love & hugs,

  4. Your shop looks great! Would love to come and of these days!



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