Saturday, March 14, 2009

My House

The first hour is usually quiet on Saturdays, so I find myself sitting in my VERY WARM HOME today w/ my laptop open @ the kitchen table where I can see if anyone drives in.
Please Please don't ever feel bad that I come out of the house when you drive in, I spend most of my spare time in here during the winter months because my floor in the shop is concrete and I get too cold sitting there. I usually am in and out all day on the days I am open.
Many people have indicated curiosity over seeing the inside of my house~I totally get that because I would love to see yours!!
. I have had a "dream" to have a house tour at some point, but we still have many unfinished things in our house which I thought would be done by now...ahem.
My dear husband is quite the guy. He can do anything. Really, he can. It is a blessing.
but you know...
It means his interests are spread far and wide, so if he "leaves" one, he starts "another" and the first one sits...and sits...and sits...
Dale (that is my d.h.) began our married life as a diesel mechanic, then went on to being an automotive mechanic. His career move is an interesting story...A construction company hired him to work on their trucks. Sometimes he was needed on the concrete crew, other times he found himself in the cabinet this time, we been crafting with wood already, so it was a natural course for him it seemed.
Eventually he had his own construction & cabinet business (yes, he builds cabinets & furniture). When that went south because of expenses and employee issues, he joined the carpenter's union and has been building commercial construction ever since. His first being the Excel Energy Center in St Paul where he was there for the famous "big flush"!
All that plus his hobby-farming, mechanical pursuits (with our mechanically~minded son), and our home (inside and out) and our ever-changing yard...
No~he never slows down. Last year he supervised an addition on our church too!
So...I wait for the trim in our kitchen, in our guest bedroom upstairs, all upstairs windows to be trimmed, doors to be changed (we have new doors from a remodel he did a few years back).
But I cannot complain to him or manipulate him (though at times I have contemplated a scheme or two~what woman wouldn't? lol) to get it done, because what he is doing in the meantime in mentoring our son will be priceless for Ethan in going through college and falling back on in the future. He has disassembled and reassembled a truck already.
All that to say, I am thinking of doing some home photos on my blog where I can have "mini~home tours"...stay tuned :)


  1. LOL Kath, what a enlightening post! It made me giggle.
    I think some of us might be able to relate! lol

    Can't wait to see your home - the picture to the right column is very intreguing.


  2. OH, "mini-home tours" sound fun to me. In a way I did that at Christmas on my blog, as I shared pictures of all my decorating. Can't wait to see!!!

    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.

  3. YES! Come on outside...I have put pics of my house...even a few messy ones...on my blog...only fair that you do the same!

    I WISH I could visit this little shop!!!

    I am blessed too---with a husband that can do anything...:)



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