Saturday, March 21, 2009

Here is a little peek @ my dining room from is a little room, so it's hard to get photos. The photo of the table is from the kitchen doorway. The cupboard is from the opposite direction. (on the right hand side while standing in the doorway)
I have neglected painting the green table black for too long. My husband made the table and the cupboard. The table legs were found in my in-law's barn, the top is from salvaged wood.
The cupboard was made from an old paint-can shelf we took from the barn in a former house. The doors we found in the same barn...It used to house my home~school materials. Now it has tons of catalogs for my business shopping...among other essential items :-D
The print on the wall is by Billy Jacobs. I have alot of his artwork in the shop, and can order any of his prints if you are intrested. I have never enjoyed an artists work more than his...


  1. Absolutely adore your home, Kathy. I have a very 'handy husband' too, who has made much of our furniture. Definite 'keeper's'!

    Enjoy your day! Wish I lived closer and could take a drive to visit your sweet store. I'm there in heart.

    Love ya,

  2. KATHY YOUR DINING ROOM IS JUST BEAUTIFUL....I can't see the wall paper but it looks very traditionally Colonial...can you do a close up of it? I clicked on the picture and it shows up but not as much as a close up would....
    Beautiful home!!!!!
    Hugs, Karen



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