Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It's a Jungle Out There!

For several summers we have had drought, or near drought. The summer of 2009 when I was getting the yard ready for Kayla and Andrew's September 4th wedding, I watered the entire summer, running two sprinklers nearly every night, dragging hoses around the yard. I enjoyed {mostly} every minute of it because I was looking forward to "THAT DAY"! It strikes me how much energy I put into it, and the source of the energy was the vision I was working toward. 

This year...PLENTY of rain. Plenty. As a result of said rain, the growth of weeds seems unstoppable {though I have not invested in Preen or mulch this year} so I have had to resort to pulling weeds the traditional way in my ten or more gardens. {three of which I started for the aforementioned wedding...not thinking of the maintenance I would have to do in the future...lesson learned!}

SO. I thought I would give you a glimpse of my jungle. Some weeded, some waiting to be. I almost prefer moving hoses to pulling weeds, but once I get out there, it isn't as bad as it seems from afar. If you want to see the "before" pictures, click on the "garden tour" tab on top of the blog, and look at the posts from this year.

 Needs some attention, but I do love the petunias that mound up and create such color in the front of the garden. 

 This is one of the gardens I started for the wedding. Only two years old...formerly chickens roamed there. That explains it. :)

 Cleome from two years ago...keeps reseeding itself. 

 Okay, this is a story. We didn't get anything in the "vegetable garden" until well into June. That's late. As you may be able to see from the 'before' post, we had five plants in the back left section. The pumpkin and gourd vines have stretched their way all the way over the top of the orange cosmos you see blooming on the right side of the garden. 
And check out this chair:
 The vines wrapped around the arm. I cannot get it out. I usually use this as a fall display piece. HA!
 I love me some zinnias. And one of my own flower creations...aging from the weather. 

 The photo above and below are in the space in between the shop and the house. As you can see, it's gone crazy! Need. To. Thin.
So. Now I know why...even after such a seemingly short summer...
Stay tuned for more 
Bittersweet Farm Fall Displays...


  1. You have such a beautiful garden, I love to see your flowers.

  2. The gardens look great. you have done a wonderful job on them.



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