Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snowfall and Flowers

As much of our country is being swept over, even lashed by winter storms, it's a bit quieter here in the North land. We only had a couple of inches. Yesterday. Of course it fell on top of about 60 inches (I think that is our local number).

I saw a man walk across the street in a little WI town yesterday, and opened a mailbox door on the front of a snowbank. The box was totally buried in snow. Mail. Delivered to a snowbank in WI. I wonder if the mailman has memorized the addresses that are surely buried on the sides of the boxes...

And what was delivered to Bittersweet Farm yesterday? Flowers! As I opened boxes today and unwrapped the promise of spring...not only flowers, but eggs, rabbits, birds & sheep! I discovered within my heart a refreshing sense of anticipation! For spring, warm weather, and brighter colors after the deep muted greens and reds of winter. As much as I love them, it is nice to pack away and "lighten" up my home!

So expect to see some flowers in the coming days, and remember we have a variety of hearts for  your Valentine's Day display...Even a few new metal heart cut-outs for plunking in the snowbank...maybe you could add one by the mailbox and give the deliverer a smile. :)

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  1. Love the pillow!
    Wish I could peruse your little shop.
    It sounds soooo delightful :)



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