Friday, February 4, 2011

The Buzz on Valentines and Beyond!

Here are the hearts I mentioned that
you could plunk in the snowbank
by the mailbox to make the mail carrier smile...
Or you could plunk them in any drift near
the walkway to say a little "I LOVE YOU"
to your friends and family!
...or large!
Meaningful sayings in the home are good reminders...

 I have a thing for vintage bears, especially pandas! :)
 They call this a "cantback" cupboard.
Would easily fit in many places.
 Storage in the bottom.
 This cabinet would be a wonderful storage
addition to any room in the house!
Think: linens, bath items, cds and dvds...
or keep doors open for display!

 A new sage green sofa table
 Heart mold with candle inside is LOVELY
when the light shines through the heart!
 Wool tulips...vintage hearts
A large variety of "expressions" magnets...
 New, easy-priced jewelry. Necklace/earring sets or bracelets.


  1. Everything looks so great and festive! Plunking those in a snow bank is right! I'm sure you're with me, enough is enough!

    Warm wishes

  2. Your store treasures are so really know how to shop!


  3. LOVE everything in your store!! Such a sweet idea with the hearts. Wish I was closer, I would definitely be a "real" customer. And I would have to agree about the snow...enough is enough!! We just received another 5 or so inches overnight and I didn't even know we were supposed to be getting any more. UGGHHH!! Makes commuting a bear. Stay warm!!

    Big Hugs!! Carrie

  4. I love the outdoor hearts. And Panda bears; oh my! I always choose Panda444 as my user name because Pandas was the name of the group of children I used to teach in Bible study and they were four years old. Whenever I asked them how old they were, they would hold up four fingers all say 4,4,4. LOL.

    Oh how I wish you lived closer as I'd love to visit you. Your store looks wonderful.

    Thank you for visiting my tribute to my mom today on Heart Choices.

    Blessings and love,



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