Friday, January 14, 2011

I Heart Fresh

WHEW! The transformation (tornado as I often refer to it) is mostly complete!!! Christmas is OVER in the shop and HEARTS are happening at Bittersweet Farm!

My very large black bookcase sold on Saturday last weekend, and Sunday I was headed down to Madison for my tri-yearly shopping trip. It was good timing because I didn't have any back up display pieces for such a large area. Sadly the guy I usually buy furniture from was not there!!! But I found a few pieces that I like as well, and packed up the truck and came home Monday.

Tuesday I was prepping for a meeting I have on Sunday, and working on my books, so I didn't get to "tornado" until Wednesday, and Thursday. It was a BIG job for two days and only two hands...oops! I had four hands for a few minutes after I called my sister to help me move out another large shelf that we had sold on our auction~I am so thankful for my sister living close! Some of you got to meet her back in November when she watched the shop for me so I could go to a wedding.

Here are a few photos from the Heart Fresh look:

Isn't this cupboard great? The doors on bottom are wainscot
the door on top is a glass window.
The pieces are seperate...the top could be screwed right to the wall
as a wall cupboard, and the height of the bottom is
like a pie safe, just not quite as wide!
 I heart these wood trays for a candle on your coffee table
or kitchen island, or...
The lamp needs no words, LOVE IT!
 Aren't the wool tulips wonderfully pretty? I heart them!
 The heart candles burn totally down center so the light shines through the heart.
They are covered in glittter~lovely!
Plus you can use a tealight inside when the wax is burned down!

 Chenille hearts!
 This is a very spacious storage box. It would look awesome on a bench
at the foot of the bed or on an end table to raise the height of a lamp!
The ceramic "vase" is acutally a wine bottle chiller,
but it can be used forflowers in summer
or these awesome berries and rusty stars all year!
Looks great with the berry vine placemat with the
 red check edge, doesn't it?
I managed to find some fun primitive
candle holders in different styles.

This is a sample of a few new necklaces I have. Handmade in USA!
I will be getting more jewelry in a few weeks...
So check back!
Winter hours:
Friday 10-5
Saturday 10-4
See you soon! :)
Ever popular...lighted twigs are in too!


  1. Hi,
    Looks wonderful!The chenille hearts caught my eye!The cupboard is a beauty!
    Great job decorating!
    enjoy the weekend

  2. Kathy, I wish I lived closer as I would love to visit your shop. I love hearts! Of course, my blog is named Heart Choices. :) You are quite talented, I see. Thanks for stopping by and visiting me online.

    Blessings and love,

  3. I can smell it by looking at your photos and I just want to be there.



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