Friday, June 18, 2010

A little "Yard Tour"

I thought it might be fun for you to get a glimpse of my back yard...and a few other areas. Our deck overlooks the barn and our other out buildings. It was the chosen area for the wedding site last summer. I finally (with the help of my "new son") was able to get the deck painted last week. I am so excited!!! It was on my list from LAST summer! But other things took priority.
Welcome to my deck!
This is the former chicken coop. I started the garden last year (we had a fence there before for the chickens. I think the plants REALLY like the soil there!!)
Welcome to my front door. It is not used very often, and is a bit obscure since it faces the road and not the driveway. I love the impatients on the stool!
Here is a photo from the deck. The chicken coop is in the left side of the photo.


  1. What a gorgeous yard Kathy - and your front door looks so inviting - we have the same thing with our main door - it's on the opposite side of the house and everyone comes in the driveway side of the house.


  2. Wish I was sitting on that deck with you. It looks so welcoming and inviting!

    Have a blessed day my friend,



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