Friday, April 30, 2010

Flowers Anyone?

It was a very busy day for me unpacking all those boxes, pricing, and waiting on customers...but was it fun! I love my job!. I have so many wonderful people who come and visit me. I enjoy helping with arrangements, whether it be a floral arrangement in a "water pitcher" as I did today for Lori, or a wall or garden arrangement.
Fun Fun Fun!

SO!!!! Here are promised pictures. I have to tell you  that some of the flowers are gone already! I was amazed that as soon as I pulled them out, they were snatched up. I will be reordering though, and they do come fast from that company if they have them in stock! 

Lighted twigs...burn for 10,000 hours. These are tall, I will be getting smaller ones in. They are on backorder for now.
FLOWERS!!!!! They are hot hot hot right now!
Still plenty of the Family w/ flower and Dream w/ flower left.
A few new signs came in. "Friends Gather Here" ONLY $2.50!!!
Take a look at the floral candle wreath, these are wonderful. As you can see, they double as a bird's nest!

Check out the new plates/platters and signs!
I also have some new linens. If you need a cheery table runner for spring, you can find one at
Bittersweet Farm!

Hope you enjoyed browsing...Happy May Day...I hope you find flowers on your door tomorrow!


  1. I am in love with the picture of the flower's adorable.
    But I also love all the other items too but that is my favorite.

  2. Wow! What beautiful things. I have a store too, and it looks like we have the same taste. But since we all can't carry everything....I would love to shop at your store. It looks really cheery and cozy.
    Dale Elizabeth



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