Saturday, April 17, 2010

Still Here!

Yes, I have been a little scarce...due to planning our "baby's" graduation party! *sniff*!  

Wisconsin sytle graduation parties we discovered, are times to do major projects around the house. (We are Minnesota transplants) We used to laugh at people here getting ready for graduation because they always had to "put on a deck" or redo the living room. HA! I guess we are officially Wisconsinites now, because we have been moving our bedroom upstairs in order to create the "sitting room" we anticipated we would do when the nest was empty. We are just doing it a little early!

I have had a blog up all day for inspiration, I thought you might like looking at the pictures as much as I do, so I will share. Visit here: A Primitive Place ! You are sure to enjoy it!

So far we have taken the twin bed out of one room, put the full bed in there, then moved our queen up to our new room, the full is in Kayla's old room and the twin is going in our sitting room as a type of futon. It is such a cute bed, I don't want to get rid of it, so decided to load it with pillows, and it can double as a "guest cottage"!

So I FINALLY painted over the awful green on the lower half of the room mentioned here. & I love love love it! I will post pics when the makeover is complete. I also ordered an oversized chair for in there. I anticipate starting my days in my comfy chair instead of at the kitchen table... = )

BTW, I have to sell the armoir shown in our "old" bedroom, because I don't have a place for it. It makes me sad because it was a "special piece" DH made for us while we were remodeling. So you can check it out if you come out to the shop! It would be wonderful for a TV also. We can add shelves to it if you are interested in it for your entertainment center.

Stay tuned for pics! And do come shopping at BITTERSWEET FARM...lots of new things coming in all the time!

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  1. Well dear have
    Yes, we in Wisconsin do just what you said. Seems the Home Depots, Menards and Lowes get busier around that time in preperation.
    It's just what we do...

    Oh what pretty Sunflowers. I NEVER used to like them but now I LOVE THEM....the older I get the more the old traditional things grow on Hollyhocks...I want them next to our garage but Doug said nooooo...they remind him of way back when that's all you saw growing Get with it Doug! lol




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