Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Not Moving

Well, the house is officially off the market. We had ZERO lookers...which made it rather easy on me never having to rush around and spiffy things up...on the down side, I never had to rush around and spiffy things up. Know what I mean? There are things (like in the basement) that would definately get done if someone was going to be browsing through there...I need me some motivation...

I am finding I like my computer. Alot. I try NOT to turn it on right away for I seem to get sidetracked too long chatting with people. I am really excited to be able to connect with my brother who just got his first computer. He is a dairy farmer with 5 children, so he hasn't had time...until he decided to get a computer "for the kids" *wink*! No, really he did want it for the kids, but it has been a blessing for him! He can be in the "loop" now.

With the shop open only two days a week, I always think I will have alot of time on my hands, but it never works that way. The calendar fills up. This week includes a visitation and a funeral. My daughter's new husband's grandma just went to be with the Lord. Then there is appointments, snow moving (though I haven't done that yet...) Phone calls, friends in need...

With Ethan in his senior year, we are moving on college prep...finance, scholarship research, and having to get our tax info together asap. I am happy to report that we are almost ready!

This is a big year of  milestones for me...Kayla got married, I turned 45, Ethan is graduating, empty nest is on the horizon... and I got reading glasses...I think that means I crested "the hill". I hope the top is long and flat...*smiles*.

Thankfully Ethan is only going to be an hour away. I haven't told him yet, but visions of a weekly trip to take him out for coffee at Caribou is keeping me from the greiving I might otherwise be doing over the impending empty nest...(He wouldn't appreciate my wanting to do that until after he is moved out...so I am keeping it a secret for now. lol)

I have new things continually coming into the shop, so I hope you will come and check it out. Candles are restocked. Valentine's weekend I will be having my anual "Red Candle Sale"...keep your eyes open for my next mailing for upcoming events!


  1. Your home is adorable...who wouldn't want to come and view it?!
    I hear ya about the getting ready for college thing. I just finished up the fafsa form for my college sophmore. I don't know why I hate to do it...procrastination is my downfall!
    Here is wishing you a wonderful Wednesday!

  2. I had an empty nest for one full school year. Then two came back. I really enjoyed the empty nest. Maybe soon. Don't know why you would want to move, your house is wonderful. Actually I remember reading the reason why last year, just can't remember it right now.

  3. Hi Kathy~ So glad you sent me your blog! Love it! And your shop items are really cute... I would love to come shopping in real life!

    This has been/and is a big year for you... wow. I'll now know how to pray for you as you prepare for your son to leave the nest.

    Glad to get to know you better!

  4. Hello! Such beautiful things on both of your sites :) Thanks for visiting my blog. It's great to have a new place to visit!



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