Friday, February 26, 2010

Is it almost SPRING yet??

Here are a few of the new things I have been putting out the past several days!
Rabbits, chicks and flowers~OH MY!!

The battery operated tea lights are very popular! I have several new tealight holders for them like this little black metal one. I also have stars that hang from a chain I will have to photograph tomorrow...
Decorative plates continue to be a beautiful addition to my collection with heart warming sayings~great for gifts or for your own collection!
New prints from photographs are very beautiful. I had a difficult time choosing which ones to order at the showroom. I do have a catalog for you to look at if you are intrested in others like the outhouse w/ the wagon full of geraniums...(I can't wait for flowers!!!)
Tomorrow you will find Marlee behind the register because I am going to a little event with Kayla (my daughter) who is GOING TO HAVE A BABY!! (yes, that means I found out I am going to be a gramma...Oh My!)



  1. I just love visiting here!!!! Maybe someday I can visit there!

  2. What adorable additions to your shop!
    Oh how wonderful Kathy....CONGRATULATIONS! You are going to be such a great grandma....YEAHHHHH.
    I had to laugh at the little bunnies....just by the way they are tilted on their base they looked to me like they were doing the HAPPY

    p.s. I'm not going to the Wholesale show in Madison...decided I'm not going to be adding additional merchandise to my website...just stick with my products....and if I go I'll just want things! lol

    Hugs, karen



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