Friday, February 19, 2010

Ahh Ahh Ahh A~CHOO!

A well-intentioned week turns south...
My dear husband...he gave me something.
Yes he did...sweet guy!
For two days he was sneezing and coughing around here...
and decided to share the love.
Right after he gave me that card and the Lindor Truffles!
What a Valentine!
So Wednesday, after washing all my bedding...
I crawled into bed and thought,
"my throat feels...funny."
Sure enough...Thursday morning~bam!
or should I say...
So my intentions to get the shop changed over
to spring yesterday
were replaced with lots of hot drinks,
and kleenex!
This morning I felt a bit better and was able to
get some of my new things out in the shop!
Just the little bit lifted my spirits!
Some tulips, some lavendar, some birds, some bunnies...
Have you started to decorate for Spring???
The snow is finally melting around here!
In the 30's~ah!
No more ice on my sidewalk!!

I will be posting pics of my new items over the weekend,
or the beginning of next week!


  1. "Gee, honey...thanks..." LOL. Sorry you're feeling bad. = ( Hope your bug's stay is short.

    Today, it got to the mid-30's. The snow is melting ever-so-slowly. We still have about 7-8 inches most places. I'm SOOOOO ready for spring!. Haven't started decorating yet, but I'm thinking about it...maybe this weekend.

    Take care & feel better soon!


  2. Awww Kathy I'm so sorry...hope this morning you are feeling better after a good nights sleep.

    Are you going to the NEW SPRING SHOW in Madison on the 2nd of March...I know we are....I'm short of merchandise so hopefully I can get some new Spring things in.




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