Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hope you are enjoying the week after Christmas! I went out today to do my returns and exchanges. It was a beautiful day (inside~lol)...Cold outside, but the sun was shining, so traveling was beautiful! It actually gets too hot in the vehicle when the sun shines, but we like that this time of year...when it is (-4 degrees) in the morning!

Some great deals in the shop this week!
All Christmas merchandise...garlands, ornaments, candles, etc are
30% off Wednesday and Thursday
(hours 10-4)
and on
Saturday everything Christmas is 40% off!!!!

Hope you can come out for a visit!

Our driveway is pretty clear with just a few icy spots left, so please do watch your step! DH and I spend a few hours working on de-icing on Wednesday morning! I have had a little back pain since that day. It helped to walk around today.

Have a Happy New Year!!!

email me if you have any questions!

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