Friday, January 2, 2009

Sampling of Bittersweet Farm Merchandise

Another coooold day in Northwestern Wisconsin...It finally hit 13 degrees @ 2pm. So perhaps you would like to do a little shopping from your warm, cozy home...Remember to click on the pictures to see larger view.
1. 36" table runner. Khaki stars on each end; stripes of cranberry, khaki and tan. $14.00+shipping & handling. 2. A wonderful piece to sit on your desk: shelf is grubby finish, burgundy, 3 drawers w/ a little corner shelf; $70.00+ shipping & handling. Ceramic bowl w/ stars: $16.00 +S&H. Canella berries in bags &1.75+S/H Believe word (about 8" long & 2" tall): $7.50 +S/H 3. Beautiful print by Billy Jacobs (16x20): $40.00+S/H
4. What a wonderful hand made sheep on wheels!! Great in or on top of a cupboard...measures aprox 15" tall & 18" long. $110.00 +S/H.
5. Trio of ceramic stars: Faith/Family/Friends. Set is $15.00 +S/H.
6. Believe pillow $8.00.
7. Church birdhouse (solid block, just for looks!) made by my dh, and finished by me, $21.00+S/H
Electric light $21.00+S/H
Calico cloth birds hanging behind church: $3.50+S/H
8. This amazing tin candle holder has a glass liner so if you have a candle inside the light shines through the punched stars. $25.00+S/H
The "snowfence" snowman is my own design. He is made out of rustic snowfence, painted w/ a fabric scarf, and mini rusty jingle bells wired on. Great for sticking in greenery.
The greenery is 2 stems @$2.50, and a berry stem @ $5.00+S/H
9. Snow angel is aprox 8" tall $15.00+S/H
10. This is a wonderful candle wall-sconce. It holds a 16 or a 21 oz candle & has a little hook on the bottom from which to hang an ornament. $14.50 +S/H
11. This lamp is wonderful. It has a dish at the base for potpourri, rag balls or a candle ring...The shade has punched stars. $60.00 +S/H

Please email me if you have any questions! Thank you for shopping @ Bittersweet Farm!

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  1. I love this blog!!! This is just what I NEED!!! Hee -Hee...Jeff might not think so!

    I will be back!



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