Friday, January 16, 2009


I have had a crazy busy week with taking down Christmas in the shop, inventorying it, pricing new things and sprucing it up. Inevitably it looks bare in there after the trees and garlands come down, but I have a good splattering of new merchandise with much more coming in. Including new decorative wood plates, really fun ones... New plate holders and metal ware also. I'll post when they come in.
You will probably notice in the shop that the owner has a thing for candles. Or rather fragrance! I have a hard time passing by a new candle line! I have been carrying this line for 2 years now, and it is still one of my favorite! When you light an 1803 soy candle, it doesn't take long for your whole house to be filled with the wonderful aroma! Such a small candle with a big fragrance!
ONLY $18.+ s/h

This is a new photo frame made from wool felt, framed in distressed wood. The back opens up to put your own photo inside! The rich colors will look good in any decor!

$18. + s/h

Check out this new shelf! It is wonderful for displaying your framed photos, jars, plates, crocks or other collectibles. Also notice the potpourri bins are full, with plenty of refresher oils! To the left of the shelf on the window sill is a very popular iron star sconce.

$18. + s/h

email me with any questions and remember to leave your email address so I can reply!

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  1. Okay, the picture thing on top of the shelf is what--can you send me a closer picture and price? Also...the linen napkins---do you have matching table runners? table cloths?

    I WISH I were there!!!



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