Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Winterberry and Doe on the Go!

This weekend is opening deer hunting. The slogan goes like this: "when the buck is away and the doe goes shopping"! It seems to be the time that people start to think about or actually START decorating for Christmas. It is my biggest day of the year. FULL of female energy, I just LOVE it!...often times I don't look up much from the cash register and at the end of the day I wonder who came through!!! There isn't many things dearer to my heart than a room full of joyful women!!!

Today was around 50 degrees and sunny. PERFECT for the bough-bundling that I did! I love floral design and love to put together boquets of boughs and dogwood twigs and whatever berries I have managed to find. This year the rosehips were scarce, but the winterberries were plentiful. I have actually never seen them in so many places. In fact after someone found out where I got mine the first year I was open, they have not come back. :(

I try to cut sparingly when I cut so as not to kill or diminish the plant for next year! If you find winterberries in the wild, please be careful! They are a most-beautiful decorating addition for Christmas! I will post pics tomorrow. It gets dark so fast that I didn't get a chance to take them today.

Here are a few photos of the new merchandise that I have been getting in. { I also have restocked my candles, potpourri, refresher oils and MORE!!!}

Votive-holder trio.
 New tart melters!!!
 NEW!!!!! Reed diffusers. I love them!!!
 Night light...

 Little framed item.
 Many snowmen :)
 Braid coasters.


 These rings ^ are awesome!!!
 May you find Christmas HAPPINESS as you walk through this season of JOY!!! Hope to see you at the FARM!!!
Wednesday 10-4/ Thursday 12-6/ Friday 10-4/ Saturday 10-4

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