Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Baskets, Boughs, and Berries

Some outdoor decorating ideas:
I love this Merry Christmas sign added to 
 table, wagon, box or shelf
with greenery, berries, lights and 
red-twig dogwood. The vine balls are 
wonderful or you could use pinecones. 
 If you have a galvanized pailor a crock, you could just
plunk this bundle into it and set it on your porch
or the steps going up to your front door.
Adding battery operated lighted twigs would
be a warm and wonderful greeting!
*You could also take them apart and spread
into a window box!*
 This is actually an authentic (salvaged) tobacco
stick star. (tobacco sticks were used to hang tobacco
to dry from in the south. It is very large,
around three feet! (Pardon the leaves, it is
blustery here today!!!)
 A small twig star with boughs and berries.
You could also add battery-operated light
strand to this too. Lean it against a crock
or hang it on your door, or rest it on a 
window sill. :)

 A small mustard birdhouse looks striking
nestled in with spruce and dogwood. 
Find an old crate or wagon or how about
an old wash tub? Fill it with greenery, and 
berries, pinecones, then add lights and a 

Another mustard birdhouse...and 
I adore cardinals in the snow!!!
A burlap sack with a brick in the bottom
filled with greens, berries, add twinkling lights
inside and pop in a mustard star!

Christmas on the Farm

Wednesday 10-4
Thursday 12-6
Friday 10-4
Saturday 10-4


  1. Such beautiful photos, and great ideas for decorating. Everything looks ready for Winter. Wishing you a blessed day ~Sara

  2. Beautiful things! I love your pictures!



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