Saturday, December 4, 2010


We had the most beautiful snowfall overnight!... My guess is that on the farm we had about 4 inches of fluffy, powdery snow!

Snow+Christmas Music+Pine Boughs=Heartwarming memories of past Christmases...

When we five girls (the first of us 12 Leroux kids were girls), and our cousins would bundle up in our croched scarves and mittens that we received from Grandma, and put on our crispy nylon jackets and snowpants, we would pull out our sleds and trudge through deep snow out to the pasture where the cliffs hovered over the creek. We spent hours sliding, jumping over drifts and sailing down those big hills. Up and down, up and down we would go...breathing into our dampened scarves that we kept pulling up over our noses, but to no avail, as they seemed to always slouch down soon after the hoisting up. Then our exposed wet face would  be all the frostier from the frigid air.

By the time we got back to the house we were delightfully frozen from our nose to our soggy-socked toes. How we loved it! How we looked forward to it!

After Christmas, during the long winter months, mom would invite all the neighbor girls (and a few cousins) over for skating parties. The creek just below our house has a wide bend. Here we made snow angels and attempted "figure eights". Feeling like we were mastering the craft if we glided any distance without falling down!

Those are the sweet memories that Christmassy snow brings...

Those sweet memories serve as a catalyst for my Christmas preparation enthusiasm today. I was lacking a bit of that enthusiasm this year since my nest has emptied, and Dale works out of town alot...But as the snow falls...I find a resurgence of child-like zeal for celebrating. Now, where did I leave my sled?...

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