Thursday, December 30, 2010

Before And Now

Like most of the country, the weather around here is...weird.
I was thrilled when Chirstmas day was 24 degrees...I didn't have to hold my breath
on the way out to the car like past years when it was 0.

I like snow.
I don't like cold.
I don't like freezing rain.
Not. At. All.
But that is what we have here tonight and forecast for tomorrow...

The first two photos are before...

These next two are Now.
That's right,
 RAIN in December in Wisconsin!
 I'm not sure you can tell from the night photo, but the driveway is
We are not sure what tomorrow will bring,
but the shop will be open for business 10-5
with 25% off.
We just may have to have you walk in by a
shoveled path through the yard...
So wear your boys are home
so they can help you if we need them to...
And if I don't see you because the roads are glare ice too..
and I will see you next week for the 30% off Christmas sale!

...and just for is my kitchen tree...
Which I leave up well into January
because I love it's glow.
And I am slow to undo Christmas.

1 comment:

  1. How I remember those cold winter days as a
    child living in Wisconsin...We moved to the
    Southwest Desert for my Mothers health issues
    but I do miss the Summer/ Fall......
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and Photos
    Happy New Years ..



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