Tuesday, August 3, 2010

In The Heat of Summer

When it is this HOT and HUMID, it might seem odd to think about bittersweet, pumpkins, gourds and scarecrows, but just around the calendar corner, they will be visible parts of our landscape!

How thankful I am for air conditioning these last few days of "extreme" summer, and yet I have noticed that the corn is tassled, the blackbirds are hovering, the garden looks like an absolute jungle, and autumn merchandise is arriving at Bittersweet Farm. Actually, within the next two weeks you may see some of it show up in the shop!

(Photo from 2008)
I know it has been awhile since I posted, but things have been a bit crazy around here with all the rain. The yard is a hayfield and like I said, the gardens are a jungle.... and  I~the major care-taker here since my guys are keeping so busy at work! BUT, keep your eyes open for new photos, late summer and fall events in the coming weeks!

And stop for a visit to the shop!
Wed 10-4/ Thurs 12-6/ Fri 10-4/ Sat 10-4


  1. Trust me friend...pumpkins, fall leaves, and the such are NEVER far from my mind....as I <3 FALL!!!

    I'm still trying to find a date to swin on by....and I'm guessing...it will be in Sept. as we are in the thick of getting Andrew ready to move away to college. BOO! :-(

  2. Well I'm seriously thinking of these wonderful Fall items - in fact I just now finished up a new FALL PENNY RUG and so now I'm anxious to get more designed.

  3. Hey Kathy! I agree with Kim...I can sense "Fall" is on its way. Yippee! Will pray for the Lord to bless your beautiful store with an abundant supply of friendly customers, just as eager to embrace (and decorate for)the season of Fall as we are. :) Take care!



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