Friday, January 22, 2010

New and Exciting!

Monday I went to the Mpls Gift Mart...orders have already come in. Today you will find me unpacking boxes. As soon as I get things out I will post pics!

New today are barn stars from The Country House Collection (in several colors and sizes), also a hanging scale, barn star pedistils, berry vines, candle rings, and a beautiful burgundy pail for filling with floral or berry picks! And remember, if you come in the shop to buy Country House merchandise, there is no shipping!

TOTALLY NEW: I found  jewelry at Market that I couldn't resist!!! You will love it! It is pewter, silver, copper, brass colored with inspirational quotes, hearts or crosses. Great prices and a WONDERFUL IDEA FOR VALENTINES DAY!! Plenty of time to stop in and pick out what you want and then send in your significant other! Your daughter or mother would love them too! Necklaces, earrings, bracelets...

Finally I am restocking my Cheerful Giver candle supply!! Look for my annual "red candle sale" for Valentine's Day!

Well, I must go unpack boxes and do some rearranging! I will be back soon with photos!

1 comment:

  1. Morning Kathy - great items you found...where was this market?
    I wanted to go to Valley Forge this week but that didn't happen...hopefully I will make it to the Feb. show.



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