Friday, February 17, 2012

Of Seafoam and Sage

Green is a universal color in decorating! 
Every season has it's own green and 
every "era" of decorating has it's own also. 

Consider the Avacado of the 70's: 
...I know you are hoping for a come-back! ;)
The Seafoam of the 80's: 

The Hunter of the 90's:

The Sage of the 00's: 

Still the sage green is ruling the green themes. 
It is a classic: a calm, bright and yet muted hue of green. 

I have it out in the shop for 
spring with the tulips,
 summer with the daisies, 
fall with the pumpkins, 
and winter with the reds of Christmas.
.....And NOW.....

Just in: 

 Then of course, the classic country red and black:

I will be offering 
20% off all of these 

Saturday, February18th from 10-4
(yes I am staying open until 4) 

1 comment:

  1. Morning Kathy,
    Oh my, I had all those GREEN'
    Today's greens are the best although Avocado is not too bad...I never minded that one - had lots of it.
    Your new merchandise is so pretty and Springy!



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