Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bittersweet News

No worries, it is all sweet news, not bitter!

The bittersweet is cut! I am currently (but with blogging in between) taking the leaves off and bundling them up for you to take home and add to your fall display. Whether you lay it around pumpkins and gourds on the floor in front of the fireplace, tie it to indian corn and hang it on the door or put it in a milk can, it is sure to add the orange punch to your decorating!

Also, I have a huge order of fall floral just in, with wreaths, candle rings, floral picks and garlands. When I go out to the shop, I am working on what I call "fluffing" them and getting them out on the floor.

Here are a few ideas to try with fall floral:

Candle rings are versitle: Have fun using them as small wreaths attached to a patio door on a suction cup hook, or hooked over your curtains or valances with an "S" hook, as well as under a bowl of fall colored m&m's!!! I would show you a picture, but I ate In the above photo, I have a garland under the pumpkin on the table. (Sorry, McCalls candles no longer available, but I have three other wonderful lines!~Cheerful Giver, 1803, and a few Crossroads)

Garlands are wonderful twined around a large bowl to hold candy. Buy assorted bags of miniature candy bars like Snickers, Twix, and Hersheys for a fall color combo to have for guests to grab!
They are also fun to wind along a stairway, on top of your cupboards, around fall pictures, in bay windows, around baskets and along the nails below your shelves!

Upcoming Event:
Bittersweet Farm
Harvest Open House
September 29, 30, October 1,2
(Wednesday 10-4/ Thursday 12-6
/ Friday and Saturday 10-4)


  1. Hi:
    I saw your comments on Bella Mella's page and hopped over. Bittersweet is my VERY favorite decor for Fall... my kitchen is green and burnt orange with brick and tile, lots of copper, so it just fits so well! I love your blog, it would sure be fun to visit your shop!

    I'll come back to visit!


  2. Hi Kathy...your Fall decorating is just beautiful and oh how I wish I could get some of your bittersweet...but I did find a little last weekend...not as much as I wanted but guess it will have to do.

    One of these days my husband and I are going to take a day trip and visit your shop and also go to Trego to see Vickis shop and hopefully visit Marla...not sure if you know these girls or not.

    Were you at Wholesale market a couple weeks ago? I was and i met Vickie and Marla...sweet girls.

    Hugs, Karen

  3. Never heard of bittersweet. Does it go by another name? Can you get it in Europe?

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