Friday, October 9, 2009

Autumn Treasures...

The colors of fall are beginning to peak here in western Wisconsin...unfortunately we have had some seriously early cold weather, and rain (though we are thankful for the rain!)...the cloudy rainy days keep us from enjoying this wonderful season as fully as we like...
So why not enjoy it inside! Turn on the fireplace or furnace(as if you haven't already!), put a few pumpkins, autumn flowers and reminders of the season (that you found on your trip to Bittersweet Farm) up around the house, and sip some cider or coffee...gaze out the window at your falling leaves of orange, yellow and red, put on some music, invite friends and family to join you and laugh!
In the meantime...look at some of the autumn treasures you will find in the shop!


  1. Wonderful pictures It's cold & rainy here in Mi. too & has been for several days. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Hi Kathy - well I love all your cute fall pictures and the pumpkins with the feet made me giggle! lol

    You are getting the same weather up there as we are. Even though the colors are pretty it's still very cold and wet!
    It has been so chilly here every morning and evening - only in the 40's so our furnace has been on off and on for over a week now. And the fireplace once.




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