Wednesday, July 22, 2009

House Tour: My Living Room

As promised (though long ago) I finally took photos of my living room that are not Christmas ones! The oak floors are original to the 1940's house. So is the fireplace and it's oak mantle.
I would love to replace my old Levitz wingback chairs with Johnston Benchworks wingbacks, but ... well I have to wait. The couch and loveseat were at the request of teenagers who wanted comfortable cushy seating. This is our compromise. I love it though. I think I am a beige freak. I can change all the surrounding accessories without the couch going out of style (hence the old wingbacks...) The church birdhouse in the corner was designed by me and made by my dear husband. Many of the pieces you see in my home I can still order. Though I think the penny wool runner on the trunk is discontinued.
The fireplace is on the right of this photo. Then the dining room doorway. I love the Capitol rugs. I carry them in the shop, they are easy maintanance and wear wonderfully! They come in rectangle or oval, and all sizes. They're very affordable and have a variety of colors!
Looking from the dining room into the living room (fireplace on wall on the left) I think you can click on photos to enlarge. Sometimes it works and other times it doesn't. This little table was a rescue from the old barn on our property. My guess is it was used in the extremely small kitchen. It was a drop leaf. The leaves are missing, but it still has the hinged wood slat to turn outward to hold up the wing. I left it in it's original state (after I cleaned it).
I can order the wool hooked rugs that I have on my walls if you are intrested. I love them!
You can see, that I love the twisted twiggy wreaths, they fill in any space nicely and soften the edges of pictures or shelves...
Hope you enjoyed the mini tour!


  1. Kathy, I absolutely, positively love your house!!!! It says "Welcome". I sense His presence all around.

    Enjoy your day!

  2. Oh Kathy! I love your home!
    Mind if I come and visit and sit a spell?
    It looks so warm, cozy and welcoming!

  3. How warm and inviting your living room appears!
    You have it arranged so comfortably. Thanks for sharing, Best wishes, Christine

  4. Kathy, everything is beautiful...don't you just love the original woodwork and fireplace...glad it was never touched by's just beautiful.



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