Friday, May 22, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

With the wedding coming, I have been looking outside of the "box" when I go to the gift shows. It has been fun to go into showrooms that I don't normally visit. So you will see a few things that seem a bit different from my usual merchandise.
The easel above is one of them. Isn't it a great piece? Kayla wants to have a few around with photos or signs. We have not decided yet. We bought a large standing one, like you would use in a gallery. She is going to copy my sister-in-law and have everyone sign the matt in a frame for her wedding photo.We have been getting great ideas from other weddings and wedding planners.
The easel is only $15.00! The pitcher next to it is $20.00 ~a quart jar would sit inside for fresh flowers, or you could fill it with faux flowers like I did here.
This week has been intense gardening and flower purchasing for me. I have been digging and watering every day! I am excited to get alot of things done that I have wanted to do for years...what is it about event planning that produces "extra effort" ?
So far, we have cleared old dead trees that have been laying around for the past 8 years (since the week we moved in when we had a storm). We removed sod from areas that I usually have to get the push mower go go through, I am planting flowers in every area that I cant drive the riding lawn mower through. We have a scummy pond that has been surrounded by weeds. We burned the edges, and filled in around w/ rock. We still are not sure what we will do with it, it may be bone dry if the weather keeps up like this. Pray for rain!
Any advice on ponds would be appreciated too!
It is time to be open four days a week again. This year, I am trying something different though, so please take note of my new hours.
THURSDAY....I will be open 12-6 (to accomodate late shoppers &
give myself an errand morning. I figured I would need that with the wedding plans.
Have a wonderful weekend...ENJOY!
And to any veterans, I say THANK YOU FOR SERVING OUR COUNTRY!
And for anyone who has a relative serving, I say THANK YOU FOR YOUR SACRIFICE!
And to anyone who lost someone to service to our country, I say THANK YOU.
May the Lord richly bless you!

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  1. Wow, lady! You've been so busy. I LOVE the look of that easel and also the vase of flowers...beautiful. I just know your place will be stunning for that wedding. = ) You're IS funny how event planning causes us to look around and see all the little things we've avoided around our home. I was just telling someone the other day. Unfortunately, the only time my house gets an absolute thorough cleaning is when we're having company. Otherwise, it's just enough to get by week to week. (Sad, but true.) = ) Hope you get a little rest this weekend!



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